Double Attack Blackjack, How & Where to Play

This is a variation on the classic game with a number of exciting twists, and is available to play at online casinos using Wagerworks software. The two main differences are use of ‘Spanish’ decks, with the 10’s removed, and the Double Attack bet option.

Double Attack Blackjack gets its’ name from the special bet that a player can make after the Dealers first card is revealed. The bet is that the dealer will ‘bust’, or go over 21, with three cards, and is paid out on the value of the dealers’ third card.

How to Play Double Attack Blackjack

The player makes their bet, then the dealer places his first card on the table face up. The player can then choose to click the Double Attack button, based on what the dealers’ first card is. As a general guide, you should opt to Double Attack if the dealers up card is between 2 and 8.

A Double Attack bet is the same value as your original bet. Once you have decided to Double Attack or not, the rest of the cards are dealt, and the game continues.

There are a number of other changes to the game, the most significant being that you can Double Down after any number of cards have been dealt, and Surrender on any number of cards. If you choose to Double Down, your original bet is doubled, and you receive one more card. If you choose to Surrender, you get half of your bet back, and the round ends.

Insurance bets pay out at 3 to 1, where the regular game only pays Insurance at 2 to 1, so if the dealers’ up card is an Ace, you can choose to take Insurance. This places a bet of half the value of your original bet, and should the dealer then get Blackjack, you get the 3 to 1 payout on the Insurance bet. Take Insurance unless a face card is visible.

If you choose to Double Attack, and the decide to Split your hand, the cost of the Split bet is your initial bet, plus the Double Attack bet amounts. Also, if you Double Attack and then decide to Double Down, the bet amount is your initial bet plus the Double Attack bet amount